Love Notes

After 36 years of marriage, I can’t overstate the importance of communication. It is so critical sometimes Keith and I take to hard-copy sticky-notes.

Here is a topic with a particular theme:


rails to trails 20160705_075631
Keith thinks I’m a little quick to pitch things…
and I think he drifts into the ‘collector’ realm.


















Another category of written communication has to do with my congenital inability to follow directions.

Keith’s gentle reminder to read instructions…








and my equally gentle response.









Talking is important. So is laughing.

2 heart20160705_121250

heart 20160705_121250heart 20160705_121250

One comment: On Love Notes

  • I love this and it really speaks volumes about your marriage. Love, laughter, competition, respect with a little dose of irreverence.

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